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DS4 Battery Pack • Maker Log Part 2

It’s been 24 hours since the posting of my latest iteration for a DualShock 4 external battery charger, that clips onto the controller for truly wireless charging. So far, the mixed comments are grab bag of feral cats in a barrel. As this kind of feedback is pretty new to me, it’s a lot of fun to see it being linked to on multiple blogs that report on gaming news and official gaming news sites in general.

On to the new updates for what I’m going to name, the Triple Shock. (‘the shocker’ just wasn’t going to happen)

Goals for getting it to work under USB 3 spec for charging are all complete! With a hefty bag of research and learning about how to rig wiring in such a small package, this has been incredibly worth the time and effort.

What’s left to do in this project to get a final aesthetic industrial design is to listen to feedback, design with it in mind and to give anyone who might get use out of this, the look and feel they deserve.

As the new designs are put into my CAD software and spit out of my printer, a few notable changes are going to take shape in the next week.

• Slimmer profile: What I’d like to see is an absolute minimal amount of space being taken up by the housing, arms cradle.
• Battery placement: Weight is going to be an issue for anyone who expects batteries to levitate, so getting that sweet spot for the centre of gravity is going to take patience. (as opposed to tearing out hair and wasting plastic)
• Switch sexiness: As much as I like the minimal switch, what with it’s low profile and convenience in availability, it’s just not sexy enough. And who needs a healthy dose of sexy mores than gamers?

As the views go up and trolls abound, it’s really nice to know that people are taking notice to the problem that is the charge capacity of the DS4. Nicer still, is it’s something that came out of my brain.

In the coming weeks I’ll be debating on whether or not to do a Kickstarter campaign, nail down the IP and explore a design patent. Who knows, maybe a range of charging accessories are in the works.

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