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Dirigibles & Decibels

On the topic of Cacophony; or, a hilarious onomatopoeia to describe a new hobby.

A new venture into my chest of ideas lately has been the idea that I can engineer my own speakers. With which the end goal being an array of hidden box-like objects throughout my home where whence I walk, audio befalls my steps. Luckily for me, that’s roughly 700 square feet of artist loft open space.

Armed with an ingenious Raspberry Pi gift from my father, I’ll have to source a few gadgets to plug into it (bluetooth and wifi dongle). So far it doesn’t seem to tough a task. Already there has been code written and compiled that will allow me to ping the devices constantly when within range. The only thing I’m hoping harkens a hitherto hurdle however, is powering the RPI in a way that drives a stake through the vampire power mode that most computers have. I’m thinking of solar wiring to my skylight or a kinetic charging mechanism that’s wire to doors, cupboards and faucets.

Holy hegemony… Imagine your entire house with capacitative couplers engrained in every analog moving part in your home…

Where’s my graph paper.

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